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3rd Houston Gas & LNG Forum 2020 Overview

The United States leads the world in natural gas production. Today, record production makes U.S. LNG an affordable, competitive and clean energy option in global markets. Innovation, technology, free market policy and the industrious spirit of American energy leaders have placed the United States at the top rank of affordable, cleaner energy producer. U.S. LNG exports foster economic growth, job creation and energy security. U.S. shale revolution has reshaped the energy landscape in the United States and globally. The United States is the world’s top oil and gas producer and a leading energy exporter. The American Energy Revolution has delivered massive economic, environmental and geopolitical benefits.

The 3rd Houston Gas & LNG Forum 2020 will focus on the role American & Texan gas & LNG in fueling global economic growth. The Forum will address the critical questions facing the gas and LNG industry in the new environment of Energy Abundance. During the Forum we aim to provide market intelligence, to forge new business relationships in order to provide the gas and LNG leaders with the critical information to thrive in the new energy environment.

The 3rd Houston Gas & LNG Forum 2020 provides comprehensive insight and delivers cutting edge information into the global, American and Texan gas & LNG industry by addressing key issues—from market trends and geopolitics to technological innovation, technical and financial challenges and opportunities, to operational excellence and cyber risks.

Our mission is to deliver cutting edge energy intelligence and to create innovative ways for oil and gas leaders to connect. U.S. Energy Stream fosters a culture of open business discussion, and relationship-building between industry and government to address the energy future. U.S. Energy Stream Forums bring together global industry leaders and policymakers from over 30 countries and the entire energy value chain. U.S. Energy Stream creates a strong network between key energy stakeholders that leads to year-round discussion and collaboration and are a key reason delegates participate again and again.

The Forum is by invitation only. It is a private, closed door, off-the record, non-attribution, and non-dissemination meeting, closed to members of the press.