Washington Oil & Gas Forum Past Distinguished Speakers Include


Hon. Steve Scalise

U.S. Representative, Louisiana and House Majority Whip (R-La.)

Congressman Steve Scalise proudly serves his colleagues as House Majority Whip and represents the First Congressional District of Louisiana, which stretches from the culturally distinct New Orleans suburbs to the vibrant bayous and wetlands abundant in natural resources. During the 113th Congress, he served as chairman for the Republican Study Committee, the conservative House caucus.

Scalise is a strong conservative leader who upholds the Constitution, advocating for the principles of fiscal discipline, lower taxes, an all-of-the-above national energy strategy, a robust national defense, and conservative values. Through his previous experiences as House Deputy Whip and RSC Chairman, Scalise developed a proven formula to pass effective legislation that unites his colleagues.

As Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a caucus of more than 170 conservative members in the House, he coalesced Members around a unified vision. During his time as chairman, Scalise championed a free-market, patient-centered Obamacare alternative that gained the support of 130 House Members. He also introduced legislation that promotes job creation and economic growth, established an RSC national defense working group, released a conservative budget that would balance in four years, and crafted bills that protect constitutionally-guaranteed rights, like freedom of speech, from unelected Washington bureaucrats.

As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Scalise is fighting to enact a national energy strategy that increases the supply of American energy through enhanced production and technological innovation to lower prices at the pump and reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Scalise recently introduced a jobs bill that would unleash the power of American energy production by opening up new areas of the OCS for domestic energy production, approving the Keystone XL pipeline, stopping the EPA’s war on coal and repealing the ban on energy exploration in ANWR.

A steadfast defender of the Louisiana coastline, Scalise led the effort in the House to pass the RESTORE Act. The RESTORE Act was signed into law in July 2012 and dedicated BP Clean Water Act fines to the Gulf Coast as Louisiana works to fully restore our coastal ecosystems in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This legislation is widely regarded as the single most significant action taken to restore Louisiana’s coast in her history.

A native of Jefferson Parish, Scalise is a graduate of Louisiana State University where he earned a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Political Science. Scalise is married to the former Jennifer Letulle and they have two children, Madison and Harrison.