U.S. Energy Stream Past Distinguished Speakers Include


Anthony Livanios

CEO, U.S. Energy Stream, Inc.

Anthony Livanios is an energy economist. He founded US Energy Stream with a mission to deliver cutting edge energy intelligence and to create innovative ways for oil and gas leaders to connect. He created one of the most influential oil and gas networks in Europe and the United States, now with four offices on both sides of the Atlantic. He has over twenty-five years of experience in working alongside, oil majors, oil independents, and national oil companies, on intergovernmental agreements, pipeline negotiations, LNG projects, geopolitical risk assessments, and market intelligence. An expert in oil and gas, he promotes industry thought leadership ensuring industry development by facilitating and brokering CEO business relationships across the United States and Europe. Proven track record in delivering shareholder return. He has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the American oil industry, shale gas and LNG business dynamics, and the geopolitics of Eurasian oil and gas. One of the industry’s most networked entrepreneurs.

He was Managing Director LNG Trading at M&M Gas S.A.  (2010-2011), President of Poseidon S.A., Offshore Natural Gas Greek-Italian Pipeline (2009 – 2010), CEO of Alpha Metrics (2005-2009), a company specializing on market intelligence and geopolitical risk analysis. Founder and CEO of American Research Inc. (1994-2004), a consulting firm specializing in market and public opinion research and business to government relations.

Anthony holds a Master’s Degree in International Political Economy from Columbia University, New York, N.Y. (1991), and a B.A. in Economics from the American University, Washington, D.C. (1988). He is fluent in English, German and Greek.